Welcome new plate holder: “FatBPanda”

Please welcome our newest plate holder Jimmy aka “FatBPanda” with his VIP-styled W140 Mercedes Benz.  Panda is a prime example of how to earn your keep at the club.  He made several 6+ hour trips in the Summer of 2015 for various East Coast shows.  Even more, his W140 is static and dropped to the ground, which he did not use as an excuse to attend the shows and make his presence known.

We are proud to have you as part of the fam and look forward to what you  have in store this season. We would like to reiterate that being a part of Liberty-VIP is not a temporary fad.  It is a commitment to loyalty, quality, and lifestyle. There are cars that have come and gone, but Liberty is a legacy that is here to stay.


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