Let’em know who you are, Shun!


Shun Shibuya has been killing it over in Japan for us.  So far he’s built 3 VIP-styled cars, all within 3-4 years.  They truly are the definition of VIP- one off custom body kits incoporating different parts from various chassis, custom paintwork, aggressive three piece wheels, fine-tuned engine bay with impressive interior) all while still maintaining the car’s natural aesthetic flow.  This year, Shun won BEST LEXUS and BEST VAN at Wekfest 2017 in Japan.

Shun is the epitome of LIBERTY with our logo branded on his forearm and even a LIBERTY man cave where he keeps his cars.  Though he does not know all the U.S. Members, Alweezy aka “The Senator” keeps us all connected.  Al makes numerous trips to the motherland and keeps us updated via social media and interactions.

As soon as you think he’s done, Shun comes up with another surprise.  For example, he just wrapped his SC430 purple, redid his rear bumper, and 24k dipped his AG wheels to compliment the car. Here are a few pics of his rides, we hope to continue LIBERTY for as long as we can even beyond this generation.


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