StanceNation: Florida Edition

Just looking through the photos from our buddy Quan Smalls (Serious Innovations) and wow, the quality of builds from this show is outstanding.  Cars are being fully built from the engine bay to the trunk and Quan was able to capture most, if not all of it. After glancing over the coverage its safe to say that the car scene is here to stay. We hand selected a few of the VIP-inspired builds from this show to share.

This year was especially unique because one of our plate holders, Ramon Ramirez (VIPBenz), recently moved from Virginia to Florida and was able to showcase with our South Coast Chapter, spear headed by Nax and Yin from Fortune Minds Garage.  With this move we hope to see our brand grow in quality,  not just numbers.


Ramon’s VIPBenz with AMG kit and newly refinished wheels!


Fortuneminds Garage just got done with their Killer Nissan Quest, which they have been working on for months.  Nice to see if finally debut at such a huge event.


Plate holder Yin aka “Chinaman” laced up nicely in his step lipped Leon Hardiritt Ordens.


Nax aka “VIPCEO” with his highly modified LS430 on Luxury Abstracts.  Never get tired of seeing this thing.


Simone (Nax’s wifey) showing off her Nissan Sentra , definitely crossing her T’s and dotting her I’s with this build.


Liberty prospect Wade showing with the Fortune Minds fam.


Jessie E’s RHD Aristo and his new look!

Enjoy the rest of the photos submitted by Quan Smalls from Serious Innovations:



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