The Fresh Prince: East to West Coast

Like the Fresh Prince, Pauly went from Philly to Bel-Air earlier this year in 2016.  He started off with the 2nd Gen GS300 in Philly to the big body M37 and there was no time wasted.  The black on black VIP flagship sedan is equipped with Accuair V2 managment on 3-piece GMRwheels.  The most noticeable aesthetic mod is the JDM CIMA front bumper and grille, imported by Brandon (@kurly311) from Japan.

Recently, Pauly met up with renowned photographer Mark Enriquez aka @1llest.  He flew in from the East Coast (DMV) and they linked up for a quick shoot, which turned out to be wicked for the short amount of time they had. Pauly is definitely doing it up for Liberty, hoping to gain some momentum for the West Coast.  Pauly’s word of advice- “let your passion drown you”.





Nissan JDM Y51 CIMA front bumper
Nissan JDM Y51 CIMA front grille
Custom front Splitter
CK7 Side Skirts
CK7 Rear Lip
Custom Axle Back exhaust with deleted resonators
UAS bag on BC-R Coilover
5 gallon tank
(2) VIAR 444cc compressor
Custom rear deck
SPC Front Adjustable Camber Arms
SPC Rear Upper Control Arm
SPC Rear Lower Control Arm
SPC toe/traction arm
20″GMR SF-8 Wheels built by VRwheels
Nexen Tires 235/35/20

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