“Black Rose”- Aidan’s Lexus IS300

There has been some recent controversy about whether vipstyled cars should be its on category. Those who know [LIBERTY] can agree that vipstyled cars can be executed just as well as your typical VIP sedan, if not better.  It actually might even take a little bit more vision and customized work, as there are not as many VIP parts produced.  OG Plate member Aidan B. is a prime example of this.

He recently redid his Lexus IS300 and did a lot of unseen work to make his Luxury Abstract wheels fit perfectly on his static ride.  Don’t get us wrong, we love the aggressive fender work especially the GT-VIP style approach.  But we also appreciate the clean elegant look, which [LIBERTY] was originally based off of. He’s holding our Canada Chapter down strong and continues to do so with this sleek build.  Catch his IS300 up close and personal with photographs from Still Steezy @stillsteezy. Also, scroll down a bit further for the Q&A Section with Aidan himself!


Q & A : What got you (Aidan) into [Liberty-VIP]?
The first VIP car i saw was, Brett Lyver’s UCF20.  Being a local to me and just buying my IS300, I went to a local Lexus meet and that was where I met Brett.  He showed me more about what the VIP culture and that is what got me into the scene.With first seeing Brett’s car, I fell in love with the scene and learnt more about Liberty VIP.  This was about 8 years ago when there weren’t many Canadians other than Brett that were Official Liberty Plate holders.  I wanted to build a VIP car but did not want to sell the IS300.  The IS300 was bought because it still had a sporty vibe at the time with a slight bit of luxury.  I couldn’t sell the car because of the sentimental attachmet I have with it; purchasing it was the last thing my dad and I did before he passed away.

So I started to research about VIP Style vs VIP Traditional builds.  As there was only 1 person who attempted to do VIP Style IS300 (Solo) before me, I thought I would try it as well.  I saw, in order to attempt a VIP Style build, I need to encompass the whole build around VIP Styling.  If i did more GT style, it would confuse the build and thus not make it VIP styled anymore.  The more research I did, including going on VIP Style Cars web site, and the Liberty VIP forum, I became friends with more and more of the Liberty VIP Team.

Over time, as the car progressed, my ties with the team became closer and I wanted to show my car in representation of Liberty, along side of Brett.  As every other member does today, it took time and patience; but getting into Liberty was not solely due to the car, it was the journey with those who helped me, and the ties I made with the crew along the way.  No matter the distance members are around the world, we all still joke about the same stuff and share the same passion; while helping one another progress in whatever aspirations we choose (whether it be automotive or not).


Current Mod List:

2001 Lexus IS300
Black Rose
IS300 Sportcross Front Bumper
Altezza Gita Option Lip
Altezza Gita Dark Chrome Fogs
Altezza Z-Edition Grill
2002 Dark Chrome headlights
F50 Cima Projector Retrofit (not pictured)
Altezza Modellista Side Skirt
Altezza Modellista Rear Bumper
AC Schnitzer e90 Roof Spoiler
LED V2 Taillights
Shaved Trunk Taillights
Street Factions Rear Bash Bar
Luxury Abstract Grassor Door Pillars

Luxury Abstract Licence Plate Frame

Luxury Abstract Mador
18×9.5 +24 (spaced to +9) front (215/35)
18×10 +24 (spaced to +9) rear (225/35)
Scale Coilovers (custom spring and valved for 20k/18k)
JZX100 Chaser FUCA
UCF20 Front Caliper/Rotors
Figs Caliper adapters
Megan RLCA
Megan Rear Toe Arm

Megan Rear Traction Arm

JoeZ Intake w/ K&N Filter

Fujitsubo Power Getter Axle Back

Custom 2-Tone Tan Interior (Courtesy of Uneek Upholstery)
VIP’d Out Rear Center Table
Lexus Option Headrest Hanger
Belanzza Neck Pads
Junction Produce Kitsuna
Junction Produce Fusa
Junction Produce Curtains
Garson D.A.D. Cigarette Lighter

Custom Made D&G pillows

Special Thanks to:
Righteous Garage (setting up the current look/fitment of the car)
Uneek Upholstery (interior)
Nextmod Mississauga (retrofit)
Akii Tire (tires and mounting)
DB8 Motorsports (for all the rare JDM parts)

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