Welcome new plate holder: Manuel “Jay” Perez

  • We would like to congratulate our latest plate holder from Northern California, “Jay” Perez.  Jay was born and raised from the island of Guam (a neighboring country to Hawaii). At  a young age, he watched his father build and paint cars straight out of their garage. Inevitably, it became his passion but not until he moved to California where the VIP scene was tangibly introduced through Josh “Fine Wine” Moua.  From the forum days, to instagram, and now facebook, Jay has been following us over the years and wanted to put his passion to the test.  He’s also spent a lot of time in the car scene promoting his clothing line,  “RICHNESS BRAND”.
  •  Although Jay seems to be more on the quiet side, he knew exactly what he wanted and and humbly did so for about a year.  He knew that [LIBERTY] wasn’t just something you join, but a long term commitment even after he’s out of the car scene (sorry, we may have not mentioned that).  We can go on and on about how [LIBERTY] is different from other crews, but at the end of the day its not.  We are all here with the same agenda and that is to keep whatever is left of the car scene alive.
  •  What does make us stand out as a group, however, is that [LIBERTY] shows respect to all types of car builds and car crews, which seems to be lacking with other groups…because at the end of the day somebody put their time/effort/money into creating something that they themselves enjoy. That’s how [LIBERTY] was built on the East Coast, and that’s how it will stay.  Nonetheless, the Bay area is populated with outstandingly built cars and Jay is one of them. Jay earned his plate at his most recent showcase during Wekfest San Jose, which was a dope all around show. We look forward to what he has planned in the near future!
  • Full airlift suspension with v2 management
  • Injen cold air intake
  • Custom exhaust
  • Kbreak platinum kit
  • Kbreak grill
  • Aristo chrome handles
  • Aristo trunk garnish
  • Led tails
  • Kbreak neckpads / sunshade lol
  • Clazzio 3 tone interior
  • JDM door tables
  • Weds Brazerias (white)
  • Paint job by elite auto body
  • Black wood trim swap from sports design model

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