LA NIGHTS: Hollow Squad Garage x Liberty-VIP x Emil Garcia

This past weekend 7/1/17 was our first WestCoast BLACK-VIP Meet presented by [LIBERTY-VIP], Supreme Society, Royal Flush Crew, and Karuma Limited.  It was a huge success and we look forward to hosting the next one. At the meet, we caught up with some friends from Hollow Squad Garage (@hollowsquadgarage) and Emil Garcia Photography  (@emilgarciaphoto) where we got some footage in Downtown LA.  It’s always a good time when we get to collab with other car enthusiasts with the same passion, just different styles.

We can appreciate the work they put into their cars, like “Mark P”‘s  bagged R32 Turbo Volkswagen pushing 900+ HP.  Another buddy (@frvnkmartin), who drives a slammed Miata was able to snap some candid photos during the video shoot.  Around 1:00 am the LAPD came by and asked, “Whose red bimmer is that?” When no one replied, he added “I like it” (owner: @collin_padilla). The cops were cool enough to get in our video, until we were eventually kicked out by another set of officers about an hour later.  It was a successful night to say the least, as these are the exact types of nights that we live for. Check out the video and subscribe!!! (link below)


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