Newest Liberty-West Prospect: Roger H.

Last weekend we had a mini BBQ to officially welcome our newest prospect Roger H.  We usually don’t introduce prospects until they earn their plate, but Roger is an exception.  He’s shown his passion for building VIP cars from the first day we met him and has tons of potential to help build Liberty West and the WestCoast VIP scene as a whole.  He’s currently driving a 2003 Lexus LS430 nicely fitted on Version 2 VSxx’s.

There’s much more to this car than meets the eye and we’ve included Roger’s current mod list at the bottom.  He’s got several plans going on right now, including wider lips and a widebody kit as well. He didn’t have any of these plans when we first met him but told us, “Liberty gave me inspiration. Liberty got me motivated.  It was just a feeling”. Welcome Roger and we will see you at the end of the tunnel.


Mod list:

-complete airlift performance bag and struts
-with autopilot V2 management w/ 5 gallon tank 444c compressors x2
-Work wheels VSXX
-complete Prussian blue lip kit
-complete figs engineering front upper camber arm
Rear toe, LCA & trac links -9 all around
-LED tail lights
-JDM window visors w/ color match
-2 12″ Rockford fosgate p3 subs
-Injen cold air intake
-fenders pulled 2″ from stock
-gloss black roof wrap
-custom exhaust system w/ 4″ duel
-complete led interior/exterior lighting


It was way too hot this weekend, as you can see Roger’s girl Jessie had to stick her head in the freezer.  Look out for her IS350 build coming soon…

Brandon approves Godfather’s new wheels for his next build…this will be a classic one..

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