StanceNation: Florida Edition

Just looking through the photos from our buddy Quan Smalls (Serious Innovations) and wow, the quality of builds from this show is outstanding.  Cars are being fully built from the engine bay to the trunk and Quan was able to capture most, if not all of it. After glancing over the coverage its safe to say that the car scene is here to stay. We hand selected a few of the VIP-inspired builds from this show to share.

This year was especially unique because one of our plate holders, Ramon Ramirez (VIPBenz), recently moved from Virginia to Florida and was able to showcase with our South Coast Chapter, spear headed by Nax and Yin from Fortune Minds Garage.  With this move we hope to see our brand grow in quality,  not just numbers.


Ramon’s VIPBenz with AMG kit and newly refinished wheels!


Fortuneminds Garage just got done with their Killer Nissan Quest, which they have been working on for months.  Nice to see if finally debut at such a huge event.


Plate holder Yin aka “Chinaman” laced up nicely in his step lipped Leon Hardiritt Ordens.


Nax aka “VIPCEO” with his highly modified LS430 on Luxury Abstracts.  Never get tired of seeing this thing.


Simone (Nax’s wifey) showing off her Nissan Sentra , definitely crossing her T’s and dotting her I’s with this build.


Liberty prospect Wade showing with the Fortune Minds fam.


Jessie E’s RHD Aristo and his new look!

Enjoy the rest of the photos submitted by Quan Smalls from Serious Innovations:



The Fresh Prince: East to West Coast

Like the Fresh Prince, Pauly went from Philly to Bel-Air earlier this year in 2016.  He started off with the 2nd Gen GS300 in Philly to the big body M37 and there was no time wasted.  The black on black VIP flagship sedan is equipped with Accuair V2 managment on 3-piece GMRwheels.  The most noticeable aesthetic mod is the JDM CIMA front bumper and grille, imported by Brandon (@kurly311) from Japan.

Recently, Pauly met up with renowned photographer Mark Enriquez aka @1llest.  He flew in from the East Coast (DMV) and they linked up for a quick shoot, which turned out to be wicked for the short amount of time they had. Pauly is definitely doing it up for Liberty, hoping to gain some momentum for the West Coast.  Pauly’s word of advice- “let your passion drown you”.





Nissan JDM Y51 CIMA front bumper
Nissan JDM Y51 CIMA front grille
Custom front Splitter
CK7 Side Skirts
CK7 Rear Lip
Custom Axle Back exhaust with deleted resonators
UAS bag on BC-R Coilover
5 gallon tank
(2) VIAR 444cc compressor
Custom rear deck
SPC Front Adjustable Camber Arms
SPC Rear Upper Control Arm
SPC Rear Lower Control Arm
SPC toe/traction arm
20″GMR SF-8 Wheels built by VRwheels
Nexen Tires 235/35/20

From Scarface to Robin

Joey aka “Cuban” transferred from California to Japan as part of his U.S. Service.  Though it seemed he lost his touch with the VIP/JDM culture, it was revived as he began experiencing the car lifestyle in Japan.  We live vicariously through his videos and photos on Instagram (@joey_the_cadillac).

He is coming back to the states soon along with Robin  after several years.  Those living out in Texas make sure you connect with him.  We have had many VIP enthusiasts interested in joining Liberty-VIP and now that we have an OG in town it will be easier to put a face to a car.  Joey sent us his current mod list for all to share, please enjoy the content.  There will be more to come!!!






‘Black Mamba Original’ Pink Color
BN Sports FB (with custom bashbar)
BN Sports RB
Modified Sexy Style Side Skirts
Modified Originlab Rear Overfenders
Modified D-Max, D1-spec Front Fenders
(Painted by Black Mamba Car Make Shop Japan)

Custom Work Equips
18x10j-29 F
18x11j-41 R
(Hand built by RARESPECWHEELS)

326Power Japan
Extra Short Pink on Pink Coilovers
42kg F/ 32kg R

Apexi Power FC
R-Magic Japan Custom Tune
Modified Triple Catback Exhaust
more coming soon..


Let’em know who you are, Shun!

Shun Shibuya has been killing it over in Japan for us.  So far he’s built 3 VIP-styled cars, all within 3-4 years.  They truly are the definition of VIP- one off custom body kits incoporating different parts from various chassis, custom paintwork, aggressive three piece wheels, fine-tuned engine bay with impressive interior) all while still maintaining the car’s natural aesthetic flow.  This year, Shun won BEST LEXUS and BEST VAN at Wekfest 2017 in Japan.

Shun is the epitome of LIBERTY with our logo branded on his forearm and even a LIBERTY man cave where he keeps his cars.  Though he does not know all the U.S. Members, Alweezy aka “The Senator” keeps us all connected.  Al makes numerous trips to the motherland and keeps us updated via social media and interactions.

As soon as you think he’s done, Shun comes up with another surprise.  For example, he just wrapped his SC430 purple, redid his rear bumper, and 24k dipped his AG wheels to compliment the car. Here are a few pics of his rides, we hope to continue LIBERTY for as long as we can even beyond this generation.


Welcome new plate holder: “FatBPanda”

Please welcome our newest plate holder Jimmy aka “FatBPanda” with his VIP-styled W140 Mercedes Benz.  Panda is a prime example of how to earn your keep at the club.  He made several 6+ hour trips in the Summer of 2015 for various East Coast shows.  Even more, his W140 is static and dropped to the ground, which he did not use as an excuse to attend the shows and make his presence known.

We are proud to have you as part of the fam and look forward to what you  have in store this season. We would like to reiterate that being a part of Liberty-VIP is not a temporary fad.  It is a commitment to loyalty, quality, and lifestyle. There are cars that have come and gone, but Liberty is a legacy that is here to stay.


Welcome to the Official Liberty-VIP Car Club Page

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we had to construct a new website but we are finally back in action. Liberty-VIP has never been gone, it just took us a bit to do a little reconstructing, re-establish our members, and refocus our goal as a team.

Please feel free to read up on what we have been up to as far as current builds and potential prospects.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at  Our Instagram and Facebook links are on the top right of the website. We hope to continue this legacy for decades to come…