History [Part II]


Photographer: DN Photography

Before Liberty-VIP was founded, there was a VIP crew formally known as “Gotham” who originated in the streets of New York in the early 2000’s. The team eventually had a falling out due to jealousy and egoism.  That was when “PhillyGS” Rob drove back to Philadelphia and started his own VIP car club and donned it [LIBERTY-VIP], which stood for the freedom to build his car as he pleased.  PhillyGS did not care who was going to join, even if the club was just himself.  Eventually word got out to several former  members of “Gotham” including Chris “Rideslow” and Agim “WidebodyQ”.

[LIBERTY-VIP] was a fitting name because it linked the founding cities by way of the Liberty Bell and Statue of Liberty.    The Club became iconic for its time and we strive to keep the standard high in both quality cars and even more importantly, genuine members.  Similar to the first VIP team “Black Cockroach” that got published in the national Japanese car magazine, [LIBERTY-VIP] became the first Stateside VIP team to be published in vol. 1 of US-VIP Magazine when it first released.



Photographer:  Ryo K.