Plate Qualifications

Photo by: Mark Enriquez

As Agi “WidebodyQ” explains—Only an official team member is allowed to run a stamped [Liberty] Euro Plate on their cars and should have them present at shows/meets. If you do not qualify yet do not get discouraged. We are honored to have you aboard. This is done to not only keep the brand name strong but also to encourage the non team members to modify their vehicles to another level. When we go to car shows and meets, people should be able to see all the Liberty cars lined up back to back and understand what is needed to be in the crew without saying one word.  Typically it takes several months to a year to earn your keep. Until then, potential plate holders are termed “Prospects” to let them know they are heading in the right direction.

Now let’s talk about the people who drive the cars.  One of our other goals is to unite the whole community as a real scene. One where we could travel to different regions and still get love from other enthusiasts based off of the flag we carry and what it represents. Jealousy/hate is what usually ruins car clubs and turns people away from the scene. In Liberty, we have the freedom to speak our minds and give honest opinions on everything. When doing so, please try to use constructive criticism. Remember, we all put lots of time and money into our cars. Words spoken over the internet may come off the wrong way and cause tension which leads to separation.  With that said, here are a few key things to remember:

  • Positive attitude- We have really good chemistry within the crew which we don’t want to jeopardize.  Jealousy and hate are the reasons most clubs don’t last.  We have a minimum 1 month screening process on the person’s overall vibe before they can rock a sticker or plate.

  • Willingness to help others-You have to be able to bring something to the table other than the car that you drive.  This can be anything from lending a hand to a fellow member, helping organize a meet/show, or offering good advice.

  • Participation on and off social media- We all have different schedules due to work and family obligations so there is no number of shows or meets that is required, but you should try your best to make the big events with fellow members in your area. It is also important to keep up to date with fellow members on a monthly basis.  Because of this, we are hesitant to expand any further than our current chapters, but we do make exceptions on a case to case basis.

  • Overall, cool to hang out with and wants to have a good time- We do more than car meets like have dinners, go-carting, bowling, clubs and more.  A few times a year, we go on trips all across the US/Canada which often involves meeting members from other chapters.  Once again, chemistry is important in keeping the ingenuity of the team.

  • Being On time- This is something a few of us have gotten better at but its still a work in progress.  When 8 cars are waiting on 1, it sends a negative message to other members and often results in losing prime position at the event we attend. Communication is key.  If you are having car problems, a text or phone call to another member is needed.  From there we can either send out help and/or call the promoter to try to save you a spot at the event.

  • Respectful to other members as well as non members- When we see someone at a show or meet who is in the VIP scene or looking to get in, we treat them as one of us.  After all, we all had to start somewhere.  If this was any different, we would not be as big as we are.  Newbies should feel like they can approach us and kick it in our section of the lot. There are more and more VIP teams forming each day, but we must all remember it is under the same passion.

  • Keep your personal matters with team members separate from the Team itself.  We are all human beings and with any normal family there will be arguments and disagreements.  Try to resolve the issue amongst yourselves and do not get the team involved unless it is the last resort. Liberty is bigger than one individual and we are not afraid to let someone go as it has happened in the past. We will continue our mission and legacy even if there is a handful of us left #inlibertywetrust.

If you choose to carry a Liberty signature over to other forums, do it with pride and responsibility. Remember, you are no longer representing just yourself, you are representing the entire crew.  As previously mentioned, do not be discouraged if you have not received a plate.  Usually it may be due to one of several reasons:

  • You do not personally know somebody from the team.

  • Your car has not been to enough car shows/meets.

  • Your car is not yet up the Liberty’s standards.

All of us have been in the same shoes and some have waited longer than others. This is where the true test lies.  It allows us to weed out the people who are just in it for the brand, and keep it to those who are in it for the family.  Some of our current members are constantly building and rebuilding different cars because to us it is a lifestyle, not a fad. If you choose to represent the team by rocking any of our official [Liberty-VIP] gear, please do so with dignity as if you were one of us. Any further questions, please feel free to email us at