Photographer: Ryo Kaneta

The mission of Liberty-VIP Car Club is to preserve original VIP car culture, raise VIP style awareness, and  help our members reach their full potential.  Each new member who earns the stamped [LIBERTY] Euro Plate takes on a responsibility as a plate holder. The Plate does not only represent the car, but it represents the individual and other team members as well.  It is a privilege, not a right.

Since Liberty-VIP was founded, the Club has evolved and we opened our family to a variety of other car enthusiasts as well. We will always be regarded as “Liberty-VIP” but are now incorporating a new lineage system due to the Club’s recent expansion in the U.S. and Worldwide (GT/SPORT). Below is an image of the FIRST batch of plates freshly stamped for distribution in 2008.



Photographer: Agim “WidebodyQ” Jones