In order to be considered in the VIP line, the platform must be one of the mentioned chassis: Nissan President, Cima, Gloria, Cedric and Fuga; Toyota Celsior, Century, Aristo, Crown and Majesta.   USDM Platforms translate these into the Infiniti Q’s/M’s and the Lexus LS/GS. These big body sedans are typically accompanied by deep dish wheels, wide barrels, low offsets, negative camber, custom body/lip kit, glossypaint, customized interior, a lowered ride height, and great attention to detail. It is not uncommon to see custom LED lights and other unique features that make the car stand out from others.  Traditional colors of VIP cars are usually black, white, grey and silver, though many of the today’s sedans are geared towards customized bright colors.

The next line is VIP-Styling, which has become increasingly popular not only Japan, but Thailand, Malaysia, the US, and other countries as well. This line includes vehicles that are not of the traditional VIP Car platform.  It is hard to determine which car models fall under this category, but they typically include non platform RWD sedans, boxes, vans, wagons, and K-cars.  All that we can say is that these cars must follow the same type of traditional styling regardless of chassis—at least 3” drop with static/air suspension, aggressive wheels fit to the fender, lip or body kit, and overall achieve an aesthetic appeal.  From the words of Taketomi, “In the end what VIP styling comes down to is looks. Because while there are many ways to build a car that makes you feel important only VIP style can make you look like, well, a VIP”.

The GT line is definitely gaining more popularity and momentum in Japan and the U.S. It is somewhat similar to the VIP/VIP-Styling line but with emphasis on vehicle performance and more aggressive body lines, while maintaining its luxury component.  The performance can be an upgrade to the engine itself with modifications such as boost or turbo.

The most recent classification we have added is our LIBERTY-SPORT This was partially created because of an increased interest in the luxury/sport styling.  When Liberty-VIP was first founded, it focused primarily on traditional VIP platforms. Now fast forward 5-6 years later and we see the car scene has evolved and new bonds have been created within the team. We wanted to include the sport aspect while still maintaining integrity to the crew. And thus Liberty-Sport was created.  The following is a general guideline in earning a Liberty-Sport (carbon fiber) plate: The car should have a high horsepower engine, manual transmission, low to the ground with properly fitted wheels.  These guidelines are not the “be all end all”.  Old school enthusiasts may say only racing-based two-seater vehicles qualify, whereas more liberal enthusiasts may interpret all high-performance vehicles are sports cars regardless if it is a two or four door.  Ultimately, it is up to the current members to determine who can rock the Liberty- Sport Plate.